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The French Brittany In Our Past

We have had French Brittanys since 1984. And we thought you would like to see some photographs of several of them from the past. Enjoy.


Our very first gun dog came to us in 1964.  "Pepper" was an Americanized Brittany x English Setter cross.  A good first dog.


Our first male French Brittany in 1984.  "Duke" a Calembour line dog was very dark orange, near maroon.  He was actually 1/8 outcross to Americanized Brittany (unknown to us at the time of purchase).  But, he was still a good one.


Along with Duke was Sabrie, a female Calembour line, and son Branden's dog. She was also 1/8 American Brittany and a good hunter for Branden. Natural Retriever.


Cachou du Buisson de Choisel was our first imported male. A fine hunting dog that "did it all." He left his mark on many fine pups in the U.S. during the 1980's to early 1990's. Many U.S. raised French Brittany's trace back to Cachou and kennel mate Caline.

Cachou and Caline with sandbur boots on and ready to go. When dogs hunt western Oklahoma and Texas sandy land prarie, boots are often absolute to ward off "sandburrs."   Caline du Buisson de Choisel came to us from France with Cachou. She was an excellent Breton in looks and the field and made many fine pups. We wish Cachou and Caline could have lived forever.


In the late 1980's Ermine (top) and Etiole (bottom) des Pigenettes arrived from France. Ermine was a superb natural retriever. Etiole pointing wild quail on an Oklahoma prairie, she was a good all around Breton and a fine looking Breton.  Both now deceased.



Two year old Hardy pointing Bob White Quail on the mixed grass prairie of Oklahoma.  A nice view of typical Hardy.  Hardy was early developing and an excellent hunter and sire.  He earned his T.A.N. in 2002 at the annual club meeting at our farm.  His hips were rated: OFA "Good."  Hardy is "retired" and finishing his life with some young hunters and family.


Iroine (Geronimo) pointing wild Bob White Quail on the Mill Creek Prairie of Oklahoma.  Iroine was a good hunter and natural retriever.  He was unusual in that he made pups better looking than he was.  He is finishing his life of "retirement" with a family with youngsters getting into quail hunting.  His hips were rated:  OFA "Good."  Iroine was never tested in the T.A.N., but an old dog that points, backs, and retrieves would surely have passed.




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